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한번씩 박찬호의 신변에 인상적이 일이 있으면 올릴 생각이다...

01/06/2009 3:25 PM ET
Phillies sign Park
필리스가 박찬호와 계약하다.

Right-hander Chan Ho Park has signed a one-year contract with the Phillies, Senior Vice President & General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. announced today.

우완 박찬호가 필리스와 1년 계약을 마쳤다고 빈스 구단주와 루벤 아마로 단장이 오늘 발표했다.

Park, 35, went 4-4 with two saves and a 3.40 ERA in 54 games (five starts) for the Los Angeles Dodgers this past season. He went 1-0 with a 2.16 ERA as a starter and 3-4 with a 3.84 ERA in relief. Park pitched at least 2.0 innings in 17 of his 49 relief appearances, going 2-0 with a 1.07 ERA and a .189 opponents' batting average in those situations.

35세의 박찬호는 지난 시즌 다저스에서 54게임(다섯번 선발) 동안 방어율 3.40, 4승4패2세이브를 기록했다.
그는 지난 시즌 선발로써 2.16의 방어율과 1승을 기록했고 구원으로는 3승 4패에 3.84의 방어율을 기록하였다.
박찬호는 49번의 구원등판 중 17번동안 적어도 2.0이닝을 책임졌으며, 2승과 1.07의 방어율, 0.189의 피안타율을 기록하였다.

"In Chan Ho, we've acquired a veteran guy who can pitch in either a starting role or as a reliever," said Amaro. "He will come to spring training and be given every opportunity to compete for a spot in the starting rotation."

"찬호를 통하여 우리는 선발과 구원을 모두 소화할 수 있는 베테랑을 얻었다"라며 아마로가 말했다.
"그는 스프링 트레이닝에 참가할 것이며, 선발경쟁 기회를 부여받을 것이다."

Born in Kong Ju, South Korea, Park averaged 15 wins per season over a five-year span, from 1997-2001, going a combined 75-49 in that time. In 98 career relief appearances, he is 5-7 with a 4.44 ERA.

대한민국 공주에서 태어난 박찬호는 1997~2001년의 5년동안 매해 평균 15승을 거두었고, 모두 75승 49패를 그 시간에 얻었다.
통산 98번의 구원 등판에서 그는 5승 7패 4.44의 방어율을 기록하고 있다.

"I'm very happy to be a Phillie," said Park. "It's an honor to be on a championship team. I was trying to beat them in the playoffs last year and now I'm trying to help them win another championship."

박찬호는 "필리스가 되어 행복하다."라며, "챔피온 팀에 들어와서 영광이다. 지난 플레이 오프에서 이 팀을 이기고자 노력했으나 지금은 새로운 챔피온이 될 수 있도록 이팀을 돕도록 노력하겠다"고 언급했다.

Originally signed by the Dodgers in January of 1994, Park has a career record of 117-92 with a 4.34 ERA in 378 games (280 starts) for Los Angeles (1994-2001; 2008), the Texas Rangers (2002-05), San Diego Padres (2005-06) and New York Mets (2007). He has appeared in five career postseason games with the Padres (2006) and Dodgers (2008).

1994년 1월 다저스와 계약한 이래로, 박판호는  다저스(1994-2001; 2008)와, 텍사스 레인저스(2002-05), 샌디에고 파드리스 (2005-06), 뉴욕메츠(2007)에서 통산 378게임(선발등판 280회)에 나와서 117승 92패, 4.34의 방어율을 기록하였다.
그는 2006년 파드리스와 2008년 다저스에서 통산 5번의 포스트시즌 등판을 한바 있다.

Park will wear No. 61.

박찬호는 등번호 61번을 부여받게 된다.


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예전에 다저스에서 뛰었던 이시이의 메츠 이적때였나...

뽀샵합성은 정말 이시이의 머리 모양이 의심스러울 정도였다...

이시이의 머리 모양이 드래곤볼의 셀이 아닐까 할정도로 언밸런스한 모자를 갖다가 붙여놨던데...

다행히 찬호히야의 합성은 그정도는 아니군...
02/09/2007 7:00 PM ET
Mets looking to fill out rotation
Park the latest addition to large stable of camp-bound pitchers
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
Chan Ho Park went 7-7 with a 4.81 ERA in 24 games (21 starts) with the Padres in 2006. (Lenny Ignelzi/AP)

NEW YORK -- Pitchers and catchers is what they call it now. For the Mets, it's pitchers and pitchers. And pitchers and pitchers, with the occasional catcher. With the addition of Chan Ho Park, the roster of pitchers for the Spring Training camp includes 32 names. The catchers number merely eight, most of them invited to camp so the glut of pitchers can be accommodated. The term 40-man roster assumes a different meaning for the Mets.

Among the 40 are one man who may already have turned 40, another who will turn 41 before camp ends and young arms whose statistical resumes don't approach the achievements of Tom Glavine. Mike Pelfrey is the most prominent among them, as well as the one most likely to join Glavine, Orlando Hernandez, John Maine and Oliver Perez in the Opening Day rotation.

The Mets won't even publicly acknowledge Maine as the likely No. 3 starter, strange because they speak of Oliver Perez as if he were a lock for a rotation slot and for 15 victories. No matter, Maine and Oliver can't fill more than voids in the projected rotation, and, even with the signing of Park to a one-year, $600,000 contract, Pelfrey appears to be the favorite for the fifth assignment.

In one way, the Mets need Pelfrey to win it; they need to get younger in the rotation even if Maine and Perez, both 25, are parts of it. Glavine, 41 next month, and El Duque, his birth certificate open to interpretation, are closing in on retirement. The club must establish at least one young starter this year.

The scouting and player departments would like two -- Pelfrey and Philip Humber preferably -- as a means of validating their drafts of 2005 (Pelfrey) and 2004 (Humber) and the efforts made since then with each.

"I've seen that in other organizations, guys pushing young drafted pitchers," general manager Omar Minaya said Thursday. "That won't happen here. We're about winning first."

Moreover, the Mets' plans for 2007 include a return to the postseason. And if Pelfrey and Humber were factors in those plans from the beginning of the season, they might be worn down before Sept. 1. Neither has pitched 200 innings as a professional. Neither is accustomed to the workload a big-league starter handles.

With the club pointing to the postseason, 2007 isn't the year for both to learn. The Mets of 1984 -- with Dwight Gooden and Ron Darling making 31 and 33 starts -- had two rookie starters as regular contributors and won 90 games. The Yankees of 1986 had rookies Doug Drabek (21 starts) and Bob Tewksbury (20) and won 90 games. And the Giants of 2003 had rookies Jesse Foppert (21) and Jerome Williams (21), and won 100 games and a division title.

Spring Training

They were exceptions, though. None of those teams entered those seasons as the Mets enter 2007, as defending division champions and favorites.

"How Pelfrey and Humber will react to pitching more innings," Minaya said, "is something we have to look at."

The general manager acknowledged the chance of both being in the Opening Day rotation is remote.

Less than a day after that acknowledgement, the Mets made the possibility less likely, signing Park, the 33-year-old right-handed veteran of 12 seasons and 274 starts in the big leagues. Park has gone 33-33 since leaving the Dodgers following the 2002 season.

"We are happy to add a veteran pitcher like Chan Ho to our staff," Minaya said in a statement. "As we approach spring training he certainly gives Willie Randolph and Rick Peterson another option to consider as we put together our rotation."

Less than a day after that acknowledgement, the Mets made the possibility less likely by signing Park, the 33-year-old right-handed veteran of 12 seasons and 274 starts in the big leagues. The Mets signed veteran pitcher Aaron Sele to a Minor League contract two weeks ago.

And if none of it works out, Minaya said, he could again lean on the Wilpon treasury to reinforce the team come midsummer.

"We do have some money left for the All-Star break," Minaya said. "I hope we're in position to be able to use that."

Marty Noble is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.